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Silicone defoamer for Circuit board cleaning and Beer bottle cleaning

Silicone defoamer for Circuit board cleaning and Beer bottle cleaning
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Product Code : Y330
Brand Name : Xin Sihai
Product Description

It is composed of polyethermodified organosiloxane, hydrophobic particles and dispersant.

Excellent foam control capabilitywithout causing shrinkage holes and fish eyes.

Milk-white thick liquid

Visual measurement



Precision PH test paper


80~1000 mPa·s

GB/T 5561-1994


Mechanical viscometer


Energy suspension and dispersion in water

1% aqueous solution

Note: The above data are for reference only and are not used as technical indicators.


Waterbornefurniture coatings, leather coatings, PU printing paste and paint, etc.

Beerbottle cleaning, circuit board cleaning, etc.

It can begrinded, painted or finally added in the production process of ink and coatings.

Eliminatefoam and prevent foaming in subsequent processes.

Accordingto the different dosage of foaming system, the material quantity is 0.1-0.5%.

.Packaging And Storage

Thisproduct is packaged in 25L or 200L plastic drum, or customized according tocustomer requirements. Store at 5-35℃ to avoid direct heating.

The shelflife is 6 months from the date of production under the condition of unopenedpacking at the temperature of 10-30 ℃.

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